I also buy & sell, vintage drum memorabilia, such as, dealer banners,
famous drummer items, etc. These items go fast! If you are interested in
something, let me know, and I will inform you of availability. If I'm out,
I'll put you on the "wish list", for the next one I get!

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late 1960's Camco, satin, dealer banner, excellent.

late 1980's ddrum, dealer pin, mint-.

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1960's G Clef, gold/pearl, cufflinks, excellent+. $20.00

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1948 Richard F. Gretsch, pen holder, excellent.

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mid 1960's Gretsch, Gold Sparkle, cymbal tester display, excellent+.

late 1960's Gretsch, dealer ash tray, mint.

1977 Gretsch, catalog, excellent.

late 1940's Ludwig & Ludwig, dealer mechanical pencil, excellent+.

late 1940's Ludwig & Ludwig, dealer thermometer, excellent+.

late 1960's Ludwig, tin dealer sign, mint-.

late 1960's Ludwig, metal polish, mint-.

1976 Ludwig, catalog, excellent.

mid 1970's Ludwig,
dealer banner, excellent.

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mid 1980's Ludwig, dealer banner, excellent.

mid 1970's Ludwig, bass brum decal, mint.

early 1990's Modern Drummer Magazine, dealer pin, mint-.

early 1990's Pearl, Bass Drum Head, dealer pin, mint-.

early 1990's Pearl, The Best Reason To Play Drums, dealer pin, mint-.

early 1990's Pearl, One Million Export Series Drums Sold, dealer pin, mint-.

early 1990's Pearl, Oval, dealer pin, mint-.

early 1960's Premier, cufflinks, M.I.P.

late 1960's Premier, dealer ash tray, mint-.

late 1980's Pro Mark, drum stick pen, M.I.P.

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1960's Snare Drum & Sticks, gold/pearl, cufflinks & tie tack, excellent+.

early 1960's Slingerland, satin, dealer banner, excellent.

1967 Slingerland, catalog, excellent.

mid 1970's Slingerland, The American Drum Company That Cares, dealer pin, mint-.

  late 1970's Slingerland, Go For The Gold, dealer pin, mint-.

1983 Tama/Neil Peart, satin, dealer banner, 3'Wx6'H, excellent+.

1983 Tama/Stewart Copeland, satin, dealerb anner, 3'Wx6'H, excellent+. $800.00

early 1980's Tama/Stewart Copeland, dealer mirror, 18"Wx12"H, mint-.

early 1980's Tama, dealer banner, excellent.

mid 1980's Tama, satin, dealer banner, excellent+.

early 1990's Tama/Lazercraft, Artstar II, Japanese award clock, mint-.

early 1990's Vic Firth, 60 Models, Drum Sticks, dealer pin, mint-.

early 1990's Yamaha, Recording Custom, 20th Anniversary, dealer pin, mint-.

1970's Zildjian, burlap cymbal bag, mint-.

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late 1960's Zildjian/Buddy Rich, satin, dealer banner, excellent-. $500.00

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late 1960's Zildjian/Gene Krupa, satin, dealer banner, excellent.

late 1960's Zildjian/Louie Belson, satin, dealer banner, excellent.

late 1980's Zildjian, patch, mint-.

1990 Zildjian, The Zildjian Secret, VHS tape, excellent+. $25.00

1998 Zildjian/Neil Peart, vinyl, dealer banner, excellent+.